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Michelle - 54 - Electronic Engineer & Dive Master

Purchased - The "Street Art" Wetsuit

I recently purchased the bright and colorful "Street Art" wetsuit from WAIWAI. Before ordering the wetsuit, my biggest concern was choosing the correct size. It is sometimes difficult to convert to US sizes. A conversation with WAIWAI after I placed my order set my mind at ease that I had the right size. The only other hesitation I had was that WAIWAI was a relatively new company, but I like to help new companies so I gave them a chance to prove themselves.

My experience with the wetsuit has been very positive. I used it during my Dive Master certification last weekend. I was in the water all day Saturday and Sunday. They worked me hard, but the wetsuit kept me comfortable. The fit was good and I liked that it stayed in place while I was using it in the water. I didnt have any problems with it bunching up and it kept me warm. It dried well over night. I was planning on using it only one day, but because it dried I used it the second day as well. The kids I was working with commented that I was easy to find under water and they really enjoyed my bright colors!

People complimented the way I looked everywhere I went. I had many people ask me where I got this colorful suit. The dive shop where we were diving asked me for the name of my contact at WAIWAI because they want to see if they would be a fit for their inventory. Also, on the womens diving forum Im on, members offered to buy it if it didnt fit me.

I have recommended the website several times. The name is easy to remember and some people actually wrote it down. I really hope WAIWAI continues to come out with more colorful designs because I had so many complements on this wetsuit. I would recommend the wetsuit to anyone who is not afraid of color! I love my new wetsuit.


Kelly - 36 - Limnologist

Purchased - The "Street Art" Wetsuit

I’ve been diving a long time and have plenty experience with wetsuits. I have my favorite brands that I know and that I trust. Pretty much anything else doesn’t fit of or is low quality. I’m pretty picky about my wetsuits. So, I had hesitations to purchase a brand that I haven’t used before. Will this fit and will I be comfortable in this wetsuit?

Now that I have used it, I love my wetsuit. It’s awesome! I like the pattern of it. That was the whole reason that I bought it. It is just something different. We actually went diving the day that I received the wetsuit. So, I ran out to the locker to put it on to see if it would fit. And it did. So, I showed it to my friends there and they also loved it. I think it is a little thin, but wasn’t super worried about that, because we’re diving in pretty warm water. Other than that, it seems like it is nicely done. For me, the suit was a little wide in the wrists. But other than that, is pretty snug and a little stretchy, so it fits really well.

I think the appearance of the wetsuit is great. It is fun! I have been diving for a long time and I haven’t been very satisfied with the appearance of other brands of wetsuits. Women’s wetsuits are usually just black and only have one style. I haven’t seen anything like this new wetsuit before. My friends said some cool things about it during my dive. I would definitely recommend the wetsuit for women that will be diving in warm water. I think you guys are doing a good job and I would like to see more wetsuits coming out.



Purchased - The "Street Art" Wetsuit

I love the "Street Art" wetsuit I bought from WAIWAI. It's the most colorful wetsuit I've ever seen!! My order was dropshipped from China, and I received it very quickly. Their customer service people are the best - they were kind enough to expedite my order so I would have my wetsuit in time for my local PADI Women's Dive Day event. I was most definitely the most colorful diver at the event! I am also pleased with the quality of the construction. I was a little concerned at first about ordering a wetsuit sight unseen from a company I've never heard of, but I'm so glad I did! I hope they will come up with more colorful wetsuit designs in the future.