STORE CLOSED! Due to change in strategy we have closed our store. We will notify you when we come back.

Bye bye "Snorkel & Dive", Hello "WAIWAI wetsuits"

In April of 2017 we started our shop under the name "Snorkel & Dive". We were aiming to make watersporters happy by delivering snorkeling and diving gear with great quality against great prices. We had our share of succes with this strategy, even getting in the top 5% most visited shops on the Shopify platform. 

However during the last months it became more and more clear to us that our customers had unfulfilled desires. They loved the colorful wetsuits and wanted more products that would bring some fun to watersports. After all, we are in the water to have fun!

So that's why "WAIWAI wetsuits" was born. We will focus on bringing you products that make you smile and make you enjoy your watersport even more. 

Away with the dull, in with the fun!